Cost effective repairs on turbocharger parts

In many cases, replacement of old turbocharger parts with new is not cost effective or necessary.

Turbocharger Reconditioning

In many cases, replacement of old turbocharger parts with new is not cost effective or necessary.  In the context of a cost saving philosophy, when the replacement of T/C parts is not imperative, repair of the existing parts is suggested in order to secure the vessel’s safety and trouble free operation.

In our state of the art workshop, our experienced and well-trained technical staff provides reliable and cost-effective repairs on turbocharger parts. All the repairs are carried out, after NDT inspections by the latest repair techniques with high quality results.

All repaired parts are accompanied with one-year guarantee and upon client’s request class certificates can be provided.

“High quality repairs –Reconditioning process – Reconditioned parts”
Modification – Retrofit

TURBOMED, through many years of experience in turbocharger services can responsibly suggest a successful retrofit or upgrade solution according to the latest technological developments.

Latest Retrofit projects by Turbomed
  • MET 53SB T/C replaced by newest technology MET 53 SD T/C
  • MET 42SC T/C replaced by ABB turbocharger VTR series 4
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T/C complete

MET TURBO MET 18SRC- 53SD IHI RH series MAN NA34/S – NR20/R- NR15/R – TCR- TCA

24 Hour worldwide

Technical Support – Inspection Overhauling

T/C Cartridge

MAN NR12/S- NR15/R- NR20/R- NR29 TCR -TPS 52 – TPS48-TPS52- MET18SRC RH133- RH163 -RH183 – KBB SERIES

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