Casting – Foundry


In our company’s foundry, in Amaliada, casting high quality parts are manufactured from 1gr to 1000kg of high precision, for the industrial and maritime sector, and for the chemical-military and aeronautics industry.

Production Methods:

  • Investment Casting (Lost Wax)
  • Green Sand
  • Croning
  • Cold Box

The Lost Wax method is the oldest, chronologically, casting method -it is known since ancient times- and is principally used in the manufacture of items of a high precision and of a flawless surface. Generally, this method has significantly contributed to the manufacture of high precision parts, in many industrial sectors.

The materials that are used are:

  • Stainless Steel and its alloys.
  • Carbon and special Steel.
  • Spheroidal Cast Iron.

Ferrous and non-Ferrous alloys.