New Station for General Ship Repairs & Turbo Services in the Ionian & Adriatic Sea

General Ship Repairs, Diesel Engines – Turbo services

Reliable Services for Marine, Offshore and Power Generation Industries

  • In the port of Kyllini (Ionian Sea, Western Greece, 60km away from Patras), TURBOMED operates a full workshop for general ship repairs and turbocharger services.
  • This way, it creates a new, great opportunity for all passing ships at a focal point for the entire region and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Along with its organized staff, is waiting for you at a full repair dock of 240 m in length, 7.60 m draught, which can service most types of ships.
  • It is a protected port, with safe anchorage and a correspondingly good service.
  • It offers great facilities and excellent cooperation with port and customs authorities and relevant services.
  • It facilitates the full implementation of regulations for any repair at the dock at the most advantageous market prices.

✔ Mechanical Works

✔ Certified Steel Works

✔ Professional Piping Works

✔ Manufacturing

✔ Engine Spare parts

✔ Equipment for Oil & Gas

✔ Hydraulic Systems

✔ Turbocharger Spare parts

✔ Turbochargers Services

Emergency Breakdown Service 24 Hour technical support Fast damage restoration

Mechanical Works

Inspection-Overhauling-Maintenance of main propulsion, diesel generator engines and auxiliary engines of every type. Install/uninstall of complete engines.

  • Main Engine & Diesel Generators
  • Auxiliary Machinery
  • Windlass Works
  • Framo Pumps
  • Ballast Pumps

Turbocharger Overhauling Spare parts T/C cartridge Turbo repairs Retrofit

for main propulsion, diesel generator engines and auxiliary engines

Installations & Prefabrications

for all turbocharger brands and types

General Ship Repair Services in the port of Kyllini in collaboration with KOLLIAS SHIPPING AGENCY, which offers the following:

• In vessel clearance
• Cargo operations (bulk – general cargo – special cargo)
• Transit vessel operations (anchorage area)
• Ship Supplies
• Bunkering (IFO, GO, MDA, LUB-OIL)
• Underwater Inspections and light repairs
• Hotel accommodation on Request
• Taxi Services on Request
• Cargo transfer and Pilot Boats
• Shore crane for spare parts and supplies
• Truck availability if requested
• Custom service and operations
• Custom service and operations all over Greece upon request
• Crew exchange / visas / repatriation
• Stevedore
• Low cost port expenses
• 24/7 availability