Turbocharger Spare Parts

Turbocharger Spare Parts 

Our  warehouse has a wide variety of turbocharger spare parts for all types of turbochargers. New and reconditioned spare parts, as well as turbocharger complete units are provided on direct sale or on exchange basis at highly competitive prices. 

-Turbocharger cartridges 

-Rotor shafts


-Service kit for all brands 

-Nozzle rings/Cover rings


-Air filters and more 

Turbocharger complete units

New and Reconditioned Turbocharger Complete units of a wide range of brands and specifications are available for immediate shipment, at any place of the world. All complete turbocharger are accompanied with one-year guarantee and upon client’s request class certificates can be provided.

KBB Original spare parts

Furthermore, as the authorized service station of KBB Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH in Greece, we are able to supply immediately, services and original spare parts of KBB turbochargers.