Portable Dynamic Balancing on Board

TURBOMED SA, is equipped with the innovative solution of flexible portable dynamic balancing devices, -designed to respond effectively in high vibration environments such as that of the ship’s engine room- Solves a major integrated repair problem, covering the total range of turbocharger’s balancing requirements of main & auxiliary engines.

The complete repair and balancing service is performed directly and efficiently on the ship, without having to take the rotor off board – a time consuming and costly service. In fact, in cases of remote ports, where there is no infrastructure or specialized workshops suitable for balancing, this exclusive service is a great added value for the ship-owners & charterers as they save valuable time and money.

Therefore, our well trained and experienced engineers are always available to support the overhaul of ship engines turbochargers and providing balancing services on ships and power plants all over the world.


Do the results of vibrations on the balancing devices get affected by the rest of the vibrations and noise generated by the other machines in the engine room?

No, the devices do not get affected by external vibrations and noises. They are manufactured in such way in order to zero all vibrations & noises coming from all sources other than the placed on the device rotor shaft during the balancing. These devices are designed and manufactured specifically for TURBOMED SA for on-board use.

Are they portable devices?

Yes, they are portable and flexible, they can easily be transported at any place of the world. At the same time the balancing report is being issued and remains on-board together with the rest of the service reports.

Are the safety rules met during process?

TURBOMED SA holds all safety protocols and takes all necessary measures, using the most modern and advanced methods in order to ensure the maximum safety of individuals.

Is it an economical solution?

The “Portable Dynamic Balancing” service is the most advantageous solution, given the fact that it provides a high degree of immediate efficiency, effectiveness and quality. A full-service package is offered on-board, covering the wide range of maintenance – service – balancing of turbochargers rotor shafts within the ship schedule and without any delay.

For which engines are these suitable?

These devices combine excellent flexibility and ergonomics. One is suitable for all types of the M/E ‘s Turbochargers and the other one for all types of Aux. Engines’ turbochargers.

Is it possible to cover an emergency need of a damage?

Of course, it meets the balancing needs for both scheduled overhauls, as well as emergency service anywhere in the world 24/7.

Is it exclusively providing service on-board?

Not only. Shipping, on one hand, occupies the largest percentage of repairs, however these devices are equally suitable and ideal for Shipyards which are not equipped with dynamic balancing machines, for Power Plants and Oil & Offshore Platforms.