Air Filter – Silencer Reconditioning

The Air Filter-Silencer is a very important and sensitive part of the turbocharger. After some operating hours, the soundproofing material and the filter parts are worn, and get full of dirt and oil.

The presence of dirt on the worn insulation of the part consists a potential hazard as it can be sucked in by the turbocharger and cause from a simple damage to the compressor wheel, to the total failure of the turbocharger.

When dirt exceeds some concentration limits, the surging effect will occur to the turbocharger, which is characterized by the instability of the air flow.

The proper maintenance of the filter, apart from helping in the better functioning of the turbocharger (T/C), has the following results:

  • Cleaner Turbocharger
  • Cleaner Air Coolers
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Reduced exhaust emission
  • Reduced environmental pollution

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the field of turbochargers, we undertake a range of repairs on Air Filter – Silencer, from the full rebuilding to a simple Re-felting (replacement of the soundproofing material), offering a 5-year or 30,000 operating hours guarantee.


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