Upgrade – Retrofit

Make the right move…

TURBOMED, through many years of experience in turbocharger services can responsibly suggest a successful retrofit or upgrade solution according to the latest technological developments. 

If you face one of the below situations the only solution is to retrofit your old turbocharger:

  • Your vessel max speed is low with high fuel consumptions due to ageing resulting change of slip factor.
  • The components of turbocharger are quickly worn and the time between the overhauling is shorter than normal.
  • You cannot find any more spares, the delivery time of spares is very long or the spares are very expensive.
  • The fuel consumption is very high.
  • Your engine does not respond quickly to load changes.
  • When an owner wants to increase the vessel’s or power plant profit with a low investment.
  • Low scavenging air pressure or high exhaust gas temperatures causes also worn to the engine’s and turbocharger’s components.
  • Your vessel is prohibited to navigate to certain ports and routes due to environmental restrictions.
Technical Benefits
  • Higher T/C efficiency
  • Higher speed margin
  • Lower exhaust gas temperature
  • Higher scavenging air pressure
  • Less contamination
  • Increase of engine’s output power
Economic Benefits
  • Reduced fuel oil consumption
  • Lower investments compared to new buildings
  • Longer time between overhauls
  • Extending the useful life of the vessel or power plant
  • Cheaper turbocharger spare parts
  • Extension of time between replacement of engine components
  • Reduction or avoidance of engine downtime
Environmental Benefits
  • Compliance with latest emission regulations Tier II and III
  • Greater flexibility in varying environments conditions
  • Lower particulates, NOx and CO2 emissions
Why to choose TURBOMED for your Upgrade-Retrofit
  • Big experience-know how
  • Has performed many successful retrofits
  • Competitive prices
  • Warranties
  • Low delivery time of new unit
  • Classification
  • After sales and technical support 24/7
  • Undertake turn-key project
  • Low downtime of vessel
  • All case studies are carried out and approved in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens


Our Procedure of a successful Ugrade-Retrofit

What we can do for you

A successful retrofit is depending from many and various factors. The same engine can be matched with different types of turbochargers according to its operation. Therefore, in TURBOMED we undertake each retrofit as unique and the solution we propose is tailor-made to the needs of our clients.

A retrofit case is handled with special care. Our retrofit expert team to identify the feasibility of each case has first to discuss with the customer to clarify exactly their needs and a make visit on board to evaluate all the factors that are needed for completion of the works.

In the following pages you can find the procedure we have established to ensure the best result of a successful retrofit.

Ugrade-Retrofit Process

When a client requires an Upgrade-Retrofit solution, a series of steps are necessary before a suggestion can be recommended. The main parameters of the engine and the operating conditions drive the T/C selection. Therefore, for the specific engine a list of candidate T/C solutions is considered. The next step of methodology is the simulation of the engine with these possible T/C solutions. The inappropriate turbochargers are excluded and a fine tuning on the selected T/C is performed. Finally, the modification work that may be needed is carefully planned, based on the engine layout restrictions and optimum aerodynamic performance.

Recent retrofits


  • NAPIER 450
  • MET 45S
  • MET 42 SB
  • MET 33 SB
  • VTR 500
  • Ν34
Recent upgrades
  • VTR 251
  • VTR 304P-111
  • VTR 454