TURBOMED’s engineering workshop is equipped with an advanced technology mechanical and designing equipment and is able to manufacture high quality turbomachinery.

Technology mechanical and designing equipment:

  • CAD / CAM Systems
  • CNC Milling Centers
  • CNC Lathe works
  • Conventional Lathe works

Given the fact that our technical staff works in accordance with strict manufacturing standards, we are able to undertake and complete manufacturing projects of high difficulty, offering cost saving solutions of high manufacturing quality.

In the context of our production, we undertake works, such as:

  • Manufacture of any turbocharger spare part in small or large quantities.
  • Manufacture of products/spare parts with the reverse engineering process.
  • Design study of new projects.


Reverse Engineering

Using sophisticated 3D measuring equipment, a part can be fully modeled to a high degree of accuracy. Then the model is used to generate manufacturing drawings for the new part. Parts may be machined or cast. One of the key advantages of this technology for the end user is the ability to incorporate changes as part of the process.

Having given great emphasis to the methods and techniques that consist the reverse process of the design of a component, and by analyzing the physical mechanisms that are guiding its operation (reverse engineering), the well-trained and specialized technical staff of our company is able to reproduce/rebuild components (even from partially destructed products) using either manufacturing plans, or samples. Our design department is equipped with a state-of-the-art engineering equipment and CAD/CAM programs, in order to adequately meet the requirements of reverse engineering.

The advantages the reverse engineering can offer are:

  • Reproduction of turbocharger parts and components that are no longer available in the market.
  • Reduce of the replacement cost of original spare parts/components with spare parts of the same quality, and of lower cost.

Immediate response to any demand for spare parts, avoiding delays that are due to possible shortages in the market.