Worldwide Technical Support

Our technicians are available to provide direct turbocharger services in any case of repair or periodical inspection – overhauling – maintenance that you may need.

Find out where our turbo-specialists will be within next days:

  • Tarragona, Spain
  • Algeciras, Spain
  • Gibraltar, Spain
  • Santos, Brazil
  • Nemrut Bay, Turkey
  • Marseille-Fos Port, France
  • Constanta, Romania
  • Varna, Bulgaria
  • Alexandria, Egypt

TURBOMED SA can be found at critical points around the world, providing high quality services to the increasing demand of our valued customers.

Service Stations around the world:

  • Piraeus, Greece
  • Patras, Greece
  • Napoli, Italy
  • Algeciras, Spain
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Izmir, Turkey
  • Romania-Bulgaria-Ukraine, Black Sea Area
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Houston, USA
  • Santos, Brasil
  • Shanghai, China
  • Dubai, UAE

Fully equipped workshops with experienced and professional service engineers are able to support and confront the most demanding turbo-requirements either on board or at workshop 24/7 365 days a year, minimizing the response time to your vessel needs.

24h Help Line: (+30) 693 22 10 060, e-mail: