Turbo-genius Simulation Tool

Our continuous investment in knowledge and use of new technologies was reinforced by the cooperation of our company with the National Technical University for the design of the Turbo-genius TM software program, which allows us to simulate both turbochargers and diesel engines. TURBOMED SA, exploiting the experience and the know-how, has performed many successful retrofits.

A complex simulation is required, when conducting a study regarding the variation of engine’s performance after T/C replacement. For the reason, the company has developed a Hellenic in-house simulation tool in cooperation with NTUA (National Technical University of Athens). The components of this system are as follows:



Turbo matching

All these components are simulated together as a system in order to estimate the performance of the engine and turbocharger after the retrofit. Furthermore, a fine-tuning sensitivity analysis is carried out if the turbocharger has more than one specification.