Reconditioning of Rotor shaft

Reconditioning of Rotor Shaft

The heart of the turbocharger is the Rotor shaft, which is subjected to the most stress during Turbocharger’s operation. Our company undertakes the fast replacement or repair of turbocharger Rotor shafts for all brands and types of turbochargers.

Rotor Shaft repair starts with inspection of its condition which includes:

  • Rotor cleaning – sand blasting
  • Visual inpection
  • Deflection Test
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Report with repair proposal

Our technical staff, having a great expertise and experience, can successfully rebuild and repair rotor shafts according to their initial specifications.

  • Rotor journal repairs by chrome plating, laser cladding
  • Re-blading of shaft with new Turbine blades
  • Rebuilding of Turbine blades
  • Welding repair of Turbine wheels – Compressor wheels
  • Repair of shaft ends
  • Replacement of seal strips
  • Static and Dynamic balancing

All the relevant repairs come with 1-year warranty and can be accompanied by Class certificates upon request.

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